Explore the Buddhist Circuit in the Mahaparinirvan Express

Mahaparinirvan Express

The holy land of India has different types of religion and various religious places of interest. It is the place where the Buddhist religion also came into being. Apart from the various places to visit in India, the Buddhist pilgrimage places attains an important place among the travelers from various parts of the globe. The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation have made easier for the Buddhist devotees to travel to some of the religious places in Mahaparinirvan express. Though not a luxury train per se, this train provides a certain level of comfort and luxury to its passengers.

After its maiden journey in the year 2007, it has gained importance among the religious people. This train traverses through various Buddhist places in India which still showcases the reminiscences of the legacy of the Buddhist. This special train connects some important places of Buddhist circuit giving the travelers a wonderful opportunity to explore the religious places. From the place where Gautam Buddha was born, to where he became enlightened, to the place where he was preached, to place where he passed away and attained nirvana, this train will take you to all these places. To be precise, it will take you to Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Varanasi, Kushinagar and some other famous places.

The name of the train was kept after the Mahaparinirvana Sutra. It contains Buddha’s final explanation of his teachings which tells his followers to attain merit and rebirth by going on pilgrimage to the different places related to Buddhism. The stone cased molds that hold the relics of Budhha or better known as stupas, the prayer halls and the rooms where the monks lived are common in many of the Buddhist religious places. But all the places have different aura and can be experienced only by visiting the places.

Onboard this special train, hygienic and delightful cuisines are available for its guest, the best part of the Mahaparinirvan express. Other facilities include packaged drinking water, tea, coffee and personal and good care is taken. Though it doesn’t meet the standards of luxury trains but it is far better than the passenger trains in India. Keeping in mind that the guest will mostly be pilgrims, the train offers good quality on board services. To help the tourist, the guides are always there to provide the necessary information regarding the places.

luxury trains in India

For the people of religious interest, especially those who have more inclinations to Buddhist religion, making a tour in the Mahaparinirvan express will diminish the effort of traveling from one place to another by taking various means of commuting. It will definitely be one of the lifetime experiences. Discover the path to enlightenment in the abode of Lord Buddha in this special train!

Traveling in the luxury is the new trend in travel which is gaining popularity with the each passing day. Who won’t like to travel in the utter luxuries of life? The luxury trains in India meet the demands of the luxurious traveling along with taking the travelers to the best places in India.


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