Rolling on Royal Rajasthan on Wheels to Explore The Cultural Heritage of India

Luxury trains in India are getting a global response because of an authentic Indian ambiance. Royal Rajasthan On Wheels, justifies it’s name by offering a lavish tour with a royal touch. Rajasthan is known to be the land of kings dotted with palaces, forts and museums. The interiors of the train are give you an overview of ancient art and architecture. It is advisable to make the most of your royal tour. Here are a brief overview of the places through which the Wheels start rolling.

royal rajasthan on wheels

Day One: The train departs from Safderjung Station at 5.30pm. The warm staff will guide you to your cabins after a traditional welcome. Enjoy the various facilities the train has in offing. Feast on to Indian cuisines to take home the aroma of our spices!

Day Two: The train arrives at Sun city of Jodhpur. Dotted with palaces, forts and museums, on the backdrop of the Thar desert, Jodhpur houses ancient houses, mostly painted with blue. Don’t forget to keep clicking.

Mehrangarh Fort will be your first halt. The huge walls tell you tales of brave warriors.Majestic gates, museums housing an age-old collection of traditional costumes, ammunitions, palanquin and artifacts are on display. Indian queens used to travel in palanquins during the bygone era. Well, unfortunately you won’t get a chance to feel alike!But you can get the majestic touch at the next destination, Umaid Bhawan. A section of this palace has been transformed into a hotel. But the remaining part houses the royal family of Jodhpur. After winding up your trip for the day, you’ll be served dinner on board.

Day Three: The City of Lakes— Udaipur welcomes you.The City Palace is one of the architectural splendor, situated next to Lake Pichola. The marble and sandstone palace presents a blend of Indian and Chinese architecture. Dotted with arches, domes, huge courtyards and terraces, hanging gardens, this place is considered to be one of the biggest palaces in Rajasthan

You must not miss out on the Crystal Gallery which preserves ancient paintings, perfumes, wall hangings, huge sofas, cutlery and crockeries used by Maharajas. Can you feel the rustic Indian touch?You can enjoy an open air boat ride on the lake before returning to the Wheels.You’ll reach Chittor Fort in the evening — the ultimate example of Rajput bravery. A light and sound show will bring alive the memories of the medieval age where Rajput warriors killed themselves before accepting defeat from the enemy.

Day Four: Rendezvous with wildlife at Ranthambore National Park.Leopards, Fishing Cats, hyena, jackal, nilgai, sambar, wild pig, desert fox are also seen on a prowl here, although the Lord of the forest here is Tiger! Ranthambore hosts a lot of birdies too. Pigeons, sparrows, parakeets, larks, weaver birds, wagtails, kingfishers, storks, ibis and thrushes are found in abundance. Reptiles such as lizards, python, rat snakes, tortoise, cobras, turtle throng the sanctuary. Royal Bengal tigers dominate the jungle area. You undertake take a jeep safari ride with a naturalist for a closer view of the animals.The Land of Kings can send a thrill chill down the spine!

An elephant ride await you at Jaipur Palace — a massive sandstone structure with larger than life balcony and courtyards. Jantar Mantar, UNESCO World Heritage Site next to the palace comes with a surprise element. You got to be there, to find out what it is!

Day Five: Explore a group of secular temples (Jain and Hindu) marked with sensual carvings. A spectacular blend of ancient thought which rules modern times. Branded as a World Heritage Site, Khajuraho temples are marked with sandstone structures erected centuries ago.

Day Six: In the name of the Lord, the Wheels halt at Varanasi, the famous Hindu pilgrimage spot. You can see thousands of devots taking a holy dip in the Ganges. The bathing ghats see countless lamps lit up in evenings to worship the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.Lord Buddha’s land of Sarnath is the next in line. History has it, the Lord preached his first sermon at Sarnath.

Day Seven: The luxurious tour brings you to Agra — The Land Of Taj. Don’t miss the intricate marble carvings that made Taj Mahal, a wanted destination.A majestic example of Mughal architecture and craftsmanship, the monument inscribed its name among the seven wonders of the world.

Adjoining heritage sites — Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and Jama Masjid tell you more tales about Mughal finesse.

Day Eight: The Wheels roll back to Delhi. A ride across three princely states will give you a secular feel, wherein our ancient dynasties irrespective of their backgrounds gifted the country with heritage structures which makes India a tourist hot-spot.Ethnic cuisines and cultural programme during the Eight-day tour is bound to keep you longing to visit the country once again.


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